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Acolytes are devout followers of the Church. With their holy magic, they can defeatthe undead, heal teammates, and provide invaluable buffs to aid their team. Theyare indispensable!


The highly mobile and agile archers can launch arrows at enemies from adistance. They control the initiative on the battlefield.


Warriors with strong stamina and strong melee attacks are responsible for thefront line of the party and can inflict damage from the rear as well


Merchants are talented entrepreneurs with unmatched trading skill. They buygoods at a low price and sell them at a higher price to make a fortune. They weaponize their money with moves like Mammonite to subdue enemies with thepower of gold!


Mages can harness the power of several elements and release destructive powerupon enemies. However, Mages must maintain a safe distance from their enemiesto survive!


Thieves are masters of stealth, sneaking up to their enemies, then striking with deadly precision at close range.

July 8, 2023

Era of Origin is opened
Welcome travelers!

Week 2 of Aug

Open new special events
Updating many new items!

Week 1 of Sep

Open new special events
Updating many new items!

Week 1 of Sep

Updating New class
Open new server!

Week 1 of Oct

Open new special events
Updating many new items!

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